Questions and Answers - Please check with your mechanic concerning any suggestions.

Remember, each car/truck's fuel management system is different and must be approached on an individual basis.

Q1. Do I need to deal with my oxygen (O2) sensors?

A1. Yes you do. This is as important as the MAP/MAF sensors. O2 sensors are different with each car's fuel management system. As mentioned in you can wrap you O2 sensors with foil twelve times and secure it with copper wire. This will lean out the fuel mixture and permit the MAP unit to function properly. I do question if they will overheat to the point of failing, I don't know. Some say that O2 extenders (available on eBay) can help, and some have said they do not work. Many O2 sensors will respond to an increased signal of .5 volts into the lead O2 sensor (our new model does this and the MAP/MAF), as they are in series. This will lean the fuel system out permitting us to input more HHO from our water generators. Please check with your mechanic as some cars do not function this way.

Q2. The 'Red' light does not come on when it is in the 'Start' mode' or in any other position. What happened?

A2. If your signal is less than three volts, the light may be dim. You can supplement the light side of the double pole switch with two AA batteries and it will light bright.

Q3. How do I hook your MAP/MAF sensor enhancer unit up?

A3. Ground the black to any ground, cut the 2 volt wire to your MAP/MAF sensor and connect the brown to the MAP/MAF side and the red to the other side, going to the ECU. Please see: