Mini Brute HHO Generator -

Space saver HHO generator 2" X 3" (19 plates)

This little guy really puts out. .500 ml to 1 liter per minute

If space is a problem under your car's hood, this is the answer.


  • Place several of these in small open places throughout your engine compartment.

  • Sum them to the same air intake line. More reliable than one big generator.

  • They will fit into a Mason or Ball glass canning jar, small square container, a short and wide container, or have a special Lexan container made. The possibilities are endless.

  • This little HHO generator will fit in almost any space.

  • It is better to have several small HHO generators. If one goes out you will not need to worry so much about the engine running lean. If you have only one big generator and it quits, you could burn up your engine by running too lean.

  • Also, if your engine has an aluminum head or block you should not run lean even for a few minutes. This unit, and our MAP/O2-P unit will save your motor when one generator goes out. Here is the reason: Our monitor lights will immediately let you know when an HHO generator has failed (one of the three green LED lights goes out)

  • Please also check out our generator monitor system and sensor controls. The best on the market.

  • Our MAP and O2 sensor controls are professional looking and small as well. Small is good.

  • In the video you will notice a an amp meter and temperature gauge. We can hook these up on many containers and sell them to you as an option. Email for prices.

  • Shipping is $4.95 per ten plates.

Price for Ten plates welded with special Stainless Steel wire with a process that locks the lead into place is $49.95 plus S&H of $4.95

If you purchase two sets you will also receive an assembly rod, protective nylon tube and nuts. Nylon spacer washers are extra and we only charge cost of twenty cents per washer.

Assembly instructions are listed on our web site: WaterGas123(dot)com

Shown is an assembly of nineteen plates. And yes, it is only 2" X 3" (two inches by three inches)

NOTE: We can also assemble them for a fee in the container size you require for your car/truck.


Thank You,


Les Petrol